To evoke the garden of Conty could not be done without understanding the greatest and the simplest of the secrets bequeathed by Ancient Rome in search of the perfect gardens, that of the axiality.
But this one, built from an avenue punctuated by cypress trees reminiscent of Tuscany, refuses geometric rigidity to give way to harmonious fantasies, naturally occurring in the relief of the terrain and the gentle landscape of the surrounding hills. .
Cypress, box-trees, geraniums, oleanders infuse each other with their mood to the walker whom their speeches invite to stroll. The heady smells of the Perigordian summer hover over the dried meadows that flee from all sides.
Dominique Savary, worthy heir to his father and grandmother, in order to perpetuate this family tradition while making it evolve, first of all pointed out and delimited the horizontal garden surrounding the house by a row of small box trees, then created a medieval kitchen garden.
The Chartreuse also saw its roofs redone, revealing cornices and Genoese.


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